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Published on April 19, 2024
San Francisco Fire Department Mourns the Unexpected Passing of Esteemed Lt. Stephen SilvestrichSource: San Francisco Firefighters Local 798

In a somber announcement, the San Francisco Fire Department has reported the unexpected death of Lt. Stephen Silvestrich, a respected member of the force who died at his home following his latest tour of duty, according to a KTVU report.

Silvestrich, who joined the department on Aug. 26, 2002, and served as a firefighter paramedic before being promoted to lieutenant in 2021, was stationed at Station 03, his career marked by more than two decades of service that left an indelible mark on the community and his fellow firefighters, but his cause of death has not been disclosed, fueling concern and sorrow among his colleagues and those he served.

He leaves behind a grieving family, including his wife Kristen, his sons Ethan and Aidan, and his daughters Ella and Abigail. A touching tribute to Lt. Silvestrich's life and legacy was shared by the San Francisco Firefighters Union Local 798 on their Facebook page, calling him "a cornerstone of our department, cherished by all who worked alongside him."

"His profound presence will be sorely missed, and his exemplary service will be remembered forever," SFFD Chief Jeanine Nicholson said of Silvestrich's legacy, a sentiment that echoes the deep sense of loss shared by the community and his colleagues. The San Francisco Firefighters Union Local 798 also stated, "Rest in paradise Brother Silvestrich, your Brothers and Sisters will carry your legacy and take it from here," reminding us of the eternal bond shared by those who live a life dedicated to the service of others.