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Published on April 22, 2024
Supreme Court Declines to Hear Kari Lake's Appeal Over Arizona Voting MachinesSource: Google Street View

The nation's highest court has put the kibosh on Kari Lake's legal battle over election machines. The Supreme Court turned down the appeal filed by the former Arizona Senate candidate, who has been contesting the reliability of electronic voting machines since her defeat in the 2022 governor's race. Lake, joined by then-secretary of state candidate Mark Finchem, has argued that Arizona's ballot tabulation machines were compromised, as reported by FOX 10 Phoenix.

Despite their efforts, Lake and Finchem's allegations have not found favor in the eyes of the judiciary. Before the Supreme Court's refusal, two lower courts had already dismissed the case. In a ruling issued last October, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals stated the lawsuit did not demonstrate "a plausible inference that their individual votes in future elections will be adversely affected by the use of electronic tabulation." Furthermore, the court highlighted "the robust safeguards in Arizona law, the use of paper ballots, and the post-tabulation retention of those ballots," providing a stout defense for the state's voting mechanism, per AZ Family.

The dismissal from the Supreme Court came without explanation, a move not uncommon when the court opts not to hear a case. Lake, undeterred by judicial setbacks, has cast her sights on another political run. She's vying for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Kyrsten Sinema, who recently announced she will not be seeking re-election.

Lake's political journey has been marked with controversy and staunch claims of election impropriety. This refusal by the Supreme Court to entertain her lawsuit signifies perhaps a final blow to her gubernatorial campaign's legal challenges. The news comes as Lake continues her campaign for the Senate, seizing upon the vacancy that will be left by Sinema in an ever-polarizing political landscape.