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Published on May 25, 2024
Bay Area Weekend Forecast Cool Weather and Drizzle Before Warmer Trend, Advisories for MarinersSource: Cmichel67, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bay Area residents can look forward to a cool weekend with the usual blanket of overnight stratus, according to the National Weather Service San Francisco. As reported, this cooling trend will linger through the weekend before a warming shift sets in next week, with temperatures climbing to around seasonal norms. With this shift, an emergence of sunnier days is expected as an overarching marine layer, prevalent this morning, begins to retreat.

Today's forecast is paired with a drizzle over the coast and hills, providing an almost calming respite as a "weak passing trough has provided just enough lift to bring drizzle to areas along the coast and in the hills," per the National Weather Service. Over the next few days, locals should prepare to slowly warm up under the broadening reach of a West Coast ridge, set to bring temperatures just close enough to the average for this time of year.

Concerning aviation, the National Weather Service advises that the low stratus clouds will result in sub-VFR conditions throughout the morning. For those with flights planned, it's crucial to note that there's a twenty percent chance that "clouds may stick around longer than advertised," impacting clearances and schedules. Afternoon and evening winds are expected to pick up, with gusts potentially reaching 25 knots, so flyers should brace for possible delays.

As for marine activities, boaters should be extra cautious, as the National Weather Service has flagged the risk for small crafts. "Fresh northwest breeze over the outer waters persists through the weekend," raising a need for heightened awareness of water. Small Craft Advisories have been issued across several zones, indicating that the open waters may be too rough for smaller vessels. These conditions are predicted to prevail into the early part of the week, requiring mariners to continue to exercise caution.

In sum, while the immediate outlook may seem gloomy with the lingering stratus and intermittent drizzle, the Bay Area is on course for brighter skies and milder weather ahead. For those hitting the skies or the seas, it's imperative to remain informed and heed the advisories. Meanwhile, on land, locals should embrace the cooler days before the summer heat steadily asserts itself in the coming days.