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Published on May 25, 2024
Beaverton Police Apprehend Motorcyclist Suspected of Road Rage Incident Involving Young Mother and ChildrenSource: Unsplash/ Scott Rodgerson

Beaverton police have nabbed a motorcyclist accused of to have unleashed a terrifying road rage attack on a young mother and her children, which was caught by the family's car cameras. The mother, weaving a path home from school with her kids, encountered rage on Southwest Murray Boulevard when a motorcyclist felt slighted as she shifted lanes, as described in an interview with KGW.

"(He was) yelling and screaming at me, cussing at me. Telling me to watch my blind spot," the woman recounted to KGW. The Tesla's cameras bore witness, capturing the man as he hit and kicked the vehicle in broad daylight. Images released by the BPD led to a tip that helped to quickly track down the suspect.

The suspect, identified in reports by KPTV as Lee, had not just stopped at menacing the family. He had earlier, on May 18, allegedly brandished a knife and aimed a threat to stab another individual at Brooklyn Trattoria, where he was arrested on charges including DUII and menacing. "He tried to stab the guy, and then somehow was able to push him away or like flip him," Jemma Marshall, the restaurant's general manager, recalled to KATU.

Complimenting the law enforcement's swift action, the mother from the road rage incident expressed her gratitude: "Special thanks to Officer Teater with the Beaverton Police Department. They were on him, and I'm just so glad we were able to catch the guy," she told KATU. With summer roads beckoning more drivers out, the Beaverton police advocate for a cool head to prevail behind the wheel, a timely reminder as the days grow long and the mercury climbs.