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Published on May 06, 2024
Conservationist Ivan Carter and Daughter Brooke Honored at San Antonio Zoo's Annual CelebrationSource: Facebook/San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo rolled out the green carpet for its 9th annual Education 2 Conservation Celebration Luncheon, where it was not just the animals basking in the spotlight. Held on April 30, the event put a pair of human stars front and center, with conservationist Ivan Carter and his young dynamo of a daughter, Brooke Carter, snagging this year's top honors for their roles in safeguarding Mother Nature's brood.

Ivan Carter, a name that has become synonymous with tireless environmental advocacy, was handed the prestigious 2024 Conservation Award, marking the first instance that the accolade has been doled out to an international recipient. "One of the greatest threats to wildlife is the thought that someone else will save it - don't forget anybody can be a conservationist," Ivan Carter proclaimed, in a statement to FOX San Antonio.

The celebratory luncheon did not to just honor elder extraordinaires. It also seized the opportunity to tip its hat to the younger generation of green warriors, as evidenced by the surprise honorary Conservation Award given to none other than Ivan's progeny, Brooke Carter. At just 12 years old and already a host of the TV show "Wild Wonders with Brooke," she embodies the adage that age is just a number when it comes to making an environmental difference. "I can change the world, and so can you," Brooke Carter told FOX San Antonio with a conviction well beyond her years.

However, it wasn't all back-patting and trophy tossing at the San Antonio Zoo event. The luncheon highlighted the critical work being carried out behind the scenes. This includes their efforts to deeply engage Title 1 schools and instill a fervent love for wildlife among students from all walks of life. Guests were also treated to some exciting zoo-related news - the successful birth of 47 critically endangered Oklahoma Cave Crayfish, a first in human care.