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Published on May 23, 2024
Homestead Man Accused of Kidnapping and Beating Handyman Over Work DisputeSource: Miami-Dade Corrections

A Homestead man is currently behind bars, accused of taking the law into his own hands after a hired handyman failed to show up for work. Thirty-year-old Tavarus Travon Dantzler-Falconer faced a judge on Tuesday for his alleged acts of violence and coercion against the absentee worker. NBC Miami reports that the confrontational incident stemmed from a work-related dispute.

According to Local 10, the victim had been hospitalized on the day he was expected to begin the handy work and could not fulfill his job duties. This apparently enraged Dantzler-Falconer, who showing no tolerance for the absenteeism, allegedly armed himself with a golf club, proceeded to the handyman's residence, and inflicted several blows on the man, punishing him for his nonappearance.

Police detailed the alleged kidnapping, saying Dantzler-Falconer forcibly transported the victim to the job site, intending to have him commence work despite the lack of necessary materials and the man's medical condition. In a desperate flight for safety, the victim escaped when Dantzler-Falconer’s attention wavered momentarily. In a statement obtained by Local 10, police also indicated that the victim later successfully identified Dantzler-Falconer in a photo lineup.

Upon arrest, amidst the charges of kidnapping and aggravated battery, officers found and seized brass knuckles in the custody of the suspect beside the golf club allegedly used in the beating. Homestead Police have documented these items as evidence related to the crime. Housed at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, Dantzler-Falconer's bond is still awaiting its determination, reports Local 10.

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