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Published on May 11, 2024
Hughes Police Department in Arkansas Regains Active Status After Compliance with State StandardsSource: Unsplash/ Scott Rodgerson

The Hughes Police Department in Arkansas is set to be reactivated, following a unanimous vote by the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training (CLEST). The decision came less than a month after the department was stripped of its active status due to non-compliance with state law enforcement standards, according to a WREG report.

Removed from service in April for not being up to snuff, the Hughes department's standards were scrutinized by CLEST officials. The officials, discussing the remedial actions with Hughes Mayor Lincoln Barnett on April 19, led to the vote that would see the police force reinstated, as detailed in FOX13 Memphis coverage.

"My administration has been working with 'standards' to have our department returned to active status as soon as possible," Mayor Barnett proclaimed in a video shared on Facebook prior to the reactivation. Speaking of time taken, the mayor emphasized that such processes were not immediate.

Defining an inactive law enforcement agency as one that has not operated for at least six months, the Hughes Police Department avoided this classification by a narrow margin, thanks to the swift actions taken. The information laid out by the Action News 5 report clarifies the department was shuttered for falling short of the required law enforcement training standards rather than any prolonged inactivity.

Following the reinstatement, the community awaits the resumption of policing services. As protocols and training are aligned with state demands, the Hughes Police Department is positioned to patrol once again, bearing the responsibility of safeguarding the city, as Mayor Barnett and officials celebrate the return of their local law enforcement entity.