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Published on May 25, 2024
Illinois General Assembly Passes Attorney General's Bill to Boost Whistleblower ProtectionsSource: Google Street View

Workers in Illinois are set to receive a beefed-up shield against employer retaliation as Attorney General Kwame Raoul's legislative effort, aimed at amplifying protections, inches closer to becoming law after sailing through the General Assembly. The proposed bill, known as House Bill (HB) 5561, slams employers who dare wield power in punishing those who blow the whistle on illegal activities or hazards, according to a statement on the Attorney General's official website.

Raoul heralded the legislative body's nod, asserting the gravity of addressing the risks faced by workers, particularly immigrants, who, when trying to exercise their rights, find themselves possibly ousted from their jobs or the country, and the bill aims to inspire individuals to report any unsavory or illegal practices by expanding the Illinois Whistleblower Act, adding to it the protection of employees who report directly to their employers.

The bill's bite extends widely, redefining retaliation to cover blacklisting and threats based on immigration status while bestowing upon the Attorney General's office the explicit might to bring the hammer down on employers flouting these terms. State Sen. Cristina Castro, the bill's sponsor, underlined the necessity of such legal armor, advocating for workers' rights to voice concerns over workplace safety without fear of retribution, her sentiments echoed on Attorney General's news release.

The push for bolstered worker protection by Raoul's Workplace Rights Bureau, known for scrutinizing and acting against serious or persistent wage law violations, also has a dedicated hotline for grievances, serving as a bulwark for Illinois residents especially those most vulnerable or hailing from immigrant communities and now with the Senate's bipartisan backing, HB 5561 awaits the governor's signature to enshrine these beefier safeguards into law.