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Published on May 07, 2024
Memphis Braces for Mixed Weather with Showers, Thunderstorms Before Sunny WeekendSource: Unsplash/Emily Finch

Memphis residents are bracing for a mix of weather conditions this week with chances of showers and thunderstorms forecasted, starting off gloomy today and brightening up by the weekend. According to the latest update from the National Weather Service, the city will experience a 50 percent probability of rain and thunder before the evening sets in, with humidity levels striking a high at 85 percent.

Adding to an overcast sky, southern-southwest winds are anticipated to blow at around 15 mph. New rainfall amounts beg the question of whether umbrellas should be at the ready, with less than a tenth of an inch anticipated except in areas hit by thunderstorms. The forecast suggests a shift tonight with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms again, after 1 am. An increase in clouds will loom over, and the temperatures are expected to drop to a low of about 71 degrees, with a South Southwest wind calming to 5 to 10 mph.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, the ambiguity in the sky persists with the same 50 percent chance for storms, albeit with a partly sunny day, and highs predicted to be near the mid-80s. The breeze will continue from the South at 10 to 15 mph. As night falls, showers could turn into a thunderstorm, with lows around 68 degrees, and rainfall possibly accruing to an inch.

By Thursday, the likelihood of thunderstorms dwindles before the afternoon and only a slight chance of showers emerge later in the day. The forecast, as reported by the National Weather Service, paints a brighter picture with a "mostly sunny" tag and a high of around 82 degrees. The winds, taking a turn from the West-Northwest, will gently push at around 10 mph. A narrower 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms is expected before the night's end, with the sky partly clouded and temperature settling near 58 degrees.

The weekend outlook appears to lift the spirits, with sunny skies and agreeable temperatures. Friday's highs are anticipated to be in the low 70s with North winds setting a 10 mph pace. The Weather Service indicates that the clear conditions will hold through the night into Saturday, which should see a high near 76. Consistency remains the theme for Sunday and Monday, with sunny days and highs approaching the 80s, giving the impression that, despite a week that starts with unsettled weather, it promises to conclude on a sunnier note.