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Published on May 17, 2024
Graphic Packaging International to Shut Down Memphis Plant, Lay Off 73 Employees in JulySource: Google Street View

Graphic Packaging International, with a workforce of over 23,000 globally, has announced the closure of its Memphis plant, effective this July. The Georgia-based manufacturer of paperboard and folding cartons has filed a formal WARN notice with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. This document states that the company plans to let go of 73 employees between July 9 and 23, as reported by Action News 5.

The workforce reduction comes amid corporate restructuring, despite Graphic Packaging's significant presence in the manufacturing sector. The Memphis facility located at 835 S Bellevue Boulevard, which employs the affected workers, has contributed to the company's production for an unspecified duration of time, according to Nip Impressions. Following the closure, Graphic Packaging’s employment footprint will undergo an observable change, although the impact of this specific reduction on its broader operations remains to be seen.

Local efforts to assist the displaced workers have not been detailed by the company or state officials at this time. The abrupt announcement has left many wondering about the future of the workforce and the site, itself entrenched within the Memphis commercial landscape. Details on severance packages, or potential job placement programs for the laid-off workers, are yet to be discussed publicly by Graphic Packaging International.

While the full implications of the plant's closure are unraveling, community members and former employees are left grappling with the real-world effects of such corporate decisions. The job loss, representing a not-insignificant number of livelihoods, is poised to send ripples through the local economy as the workers search for stable employment once again. According to The Daily Memphian, layoffs are expected to begin in early July and conclude by the end of the month, marking a definitive end to the company's operations at the South Bellevue location.

As July approaches, those affected by the layoffs at Graphic Packaging International brace for change with the rest of the Memphis community poised to witness the economic and social impacts of the plant closure. As is common in such situations, the hope for new growth in the wake of industry departure lingers among the city's residents and workforce.