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Published on May 22, 2024
Miami Man Admits to Defrauding Zelle Users, Faces 30 Years After Pleading Guilty in Connecticut CourtSource: Unsplash/ Sasun Bughdaryan

In a recent court development, a 24-year-old Miami man named Kader Gahmaal Biwaki Edmond owned up to his wrongdoings, pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud in a New Haven federal court on Tuesday, as per WSVN. Edmond, along with an unspecified number of accomplices, was involved in a deceitful operation that stripped Zelle users of a substantial sum exceeding $250,000.

Details in court documents outline how Edmond's scam, which spanned from February 2021 to August 2023, unfolded; sly text messages fooled victims into thinking they were rectifying unauthorized transactions, when in actuality any money they 'sent back' went straight into the pockets of these modern-day bandits, according to information obtained by CBS12.

The sinister charms of technology hoodwinked numerous individuals who, in good faith, thought they were undoing the unauthorized deeds they were duped into believing happened to their accounts, in the process, they inadvertently lined the fraudsters' wallets with over a quarter of a million dollars in illicit gains.

Edmond was cuffed on August 31, 2023, and while the justice scales are yet to tip with a final sentence, he's currently out in the world again, free on a $100,000 bond expecting his fate to be sealed come August 14, in Hartford, which could mean a staggering 30 years behind bars, signaling that even digital age swindlers aren't beyond the long arm of justice.

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