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Published on May 05, 2024
Moderates Clinch Victory Over Conservatives in NEISD School Board Elections in San Antonio Source: Unsplash/ Antenna

Sweeping victories for moderate candidates marked the recent school board elections in the North East Independent School District (NEISD) as conservative factions were shut out in spectacular fashion. As reported by the San Antonio Report, the races saw five seats snagged by candidates affiliated with the Bexar County Champions for Public Education PAC, thwarting the local conservative groups' attempt to gain a foothold in the district.

Falling short, the conservative groups, despite having seen a sparkle of success in the 2022 elections, could not make a compelling enough case to the voters of NEISD this time around. Working hard to "raise a lot of money and a lot of awareness," as Mike Knuffke, president of the Texas Family Action PAC, told the San Antonio Report, their efforts were ultimately insufficient against what they dubbed the "PTA machine."

In a significant upset, local business owner Tracie Shelton won the District 2 special election, taking more than 57% of the vote over the favored conservative candidate Jacqueline Klein, who garnered only around 27%, according to information provided by the Express-News. The symbolism of this victory resonated deeply as Shelton fills the seat of her late friend Terri Williams, whose absence since August had left the board in a deadlock.

Across other districts, the trend was echoed as incumbents and new faces, backed by champions within the community and local democratic groups, roundly dismissed their conservative opponents. In the District 1 contest, Lisa Thompson, a former NEISD teacher, sailed to victory with an overwhelming 70% of the votes, leaving her opponent in the dust. After securing the District 5 seat over challengers Dick Rasmussen and Chris Evans, NEISD volunteer Melinda Cox expressed triumph in capturing more than 54% of the vote, as per information acquired from both the San Antonio Report and Express-News.

As the dust settles on these electoral battles, the slate of conservative candidates, having once surged forward riding a wave of local discontent and promises of scrutinizing so-called "woke ideology," find themselves adrift. Confirming the sentiment of a community inclined to conservation rather than revolution, the election results reflect a desire to uphold what has long distinguished NEISD: excellence and dedicated stewardship for the young minds it serves. With the tallies in, it's clear enthusiasts for a drastic overhaul have been sent packing, and in their wake, a collective sigh of relief as moderation holds sway.