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Published on May 24, 2024
Pembroke Pines Perpetrator: Woman Charged with Drugging and Trafficking Victims into Sex WorkSource: Unsplash/ Matthew Ansley

A Pembroke Pines woman has been charged with human trafficking, accused of drugging multiple women with heroin and fentanyl to coerce them into sex work, law enforcement officials reported.

Elise Mizrachi, 41, was allegedly running a scheme where she exploited women grappling with addiction, capturing their images and using them to solicit clients on commercial sex websites, according to Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, as reported by NBC Miami. Mizrachi, who was apparently already on probation for trafficking heroin, is said to have kept most, if not all, of the profits from these illicit transactions.

"This depraved human trafficker targeted women struggling with addiction, giving them heroin and fentanyl to coerce them to have sex in exchange for money — most of which the defendant kept," Moody stated. This declaration was obtained through a WFLA report. While the accused awaited her day in court, details emerged that a number of the victims managed to escape and alerted the authorities, leading to Mizrachi's arrest on two counts of adult human trafficking among other charges.

The investigation into Mizrachi's operation started when her alleged victims broke free and reached out to the Pembroke Pines Police, disclosing the harrowing details of their plight. Upon administering substances such as heroin or fentanyl, Mizrachi allegedly orchestrated the encounters with buyers, directly controlling when and how these women would be subjected to the buyers' demands.

With the case spotlighting the ongoing issue of human trafficking in Florida, Attorney General Moody encouraged the public to report any suspicious activity related to human trafficking to the dedicated statewide tipline, 855-FLA-SAFE. Mizrachi has been placed in custody at a Broward County jail, whilst the investigation by local law enforcement continues.

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