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Published on May 27, 2024
Plano Police Seek Public's Help to Solve 2008 Cold Case Kidnapping of Eitan BlasingameSource: Plano Texas Police Department

The Plano Police Department is reigniting the call for information on a cold case kidnapping from 2008, seeking the public’s aid in the unresolved disappearance of Eitan Ariel Blasingame. Taken at an early age, Eitan's whereabouts remain unknown, and the search continues for any shred of evidence that might lead to a breakthrough. According to the Plano Texas Police Department, Eitan was allegedly kidnapped by his father, Michael Blasingame, sparking a search that has been ongoing for over a decade.

Federal authorities have issued a warrant for Michael Blasingame, with charges that include Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution and International Parental Kidnapping. Photos of Michael from 2008, along with an age-progressed image of Eitan, presumed to be what he might look like at 16, are circulated in the hopes they might trigger a memory or a sighting. The authorities are hopeful that someone with a fresh pair of eyes, taking a new look at the details, might spot the father and son, who have thus far evaded capture with such dexterity.

The police entreat the public to scour their memories for anything that could aid their investigation, emphasizing the importance of community assistance in cases such as these. "We need your help to gather additional information on this case and bring closure to the affected families," the Plano Texas Police Department implored in their social media outreach, indicating a continued urgency despite the years that have passed.

Eitan’s case represents not just a single tragedy, but a narrative that has been etched into the lives of all who have followed it over the years. Identified by distinctive tattoos, Michael Blasingame has managed to remain a ghostly figure just out of reach, leaving law enforcement and the family clinging to the hope that one day justice will be served. The hashtags #missing, #kidnapped, #planopolice, #coldcase, and #lawenforcement punctuate each post about Eitan, a digital footprint in the vastness of the internet, calling for resolution.

Those with potential leads or information can reach out to the authorities directly or share the call for assistance. Anything that may seem like an insignificant detail could potentially be the key that unlocks this longstanding mystery. In this world where information travels at the speed of light, a renewed push on social media could be what ultimately brings Eitan home or gives his family the closure they desperately seek.