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Published on June 22, 2024
Attention Philadelphia Motorists, Lincoln Drive Northbound Closure Planned for Weekend MaintenanceSource: Google Street View

Heads up, Philly drivers: Lincoln Drive is getting a touch-up, and you'll need to adjust your routes accordingly. The Department of Streets Commissioner Kristin Del Rossi has just announced a scheduled closure on Lincoln Drive's northbound lanes between Wissahickon Avenue and Ridge Avenue / Kelly Drive. According to the official release, this maintenance work is slated for Saturday, June 22, and will stretch from 7:00 a.m. until around 4:00 p.m.

For those looking to quickly head north, you'll have to plan to detour. During the closure, entrances to the south end of Lincoln Drive will be blocked. Unfortunately, no direct detour is provided due to the many entrances; however, Walnut Lane or Schoolhouse Lane might be your best bets for a workaround. If you're pedaling or walking, take note that pedestrian and bicycle traffic are also being barred from the stretch during this time frame.

While southbound traffic is set to flow as usual, northbound commuters are bound to adjust their GPS settings. The streets commission is pushing this work into a weekend slot, aiming to ease the pain for the weekday warriors and create a safer space for city crews to operate. The Philly PD is on deck to assist, ensuring traffic woes are kept to a minimum.

For residents and visitors alike, the din of construction may disrupt your usual hum of weekend activity, but the Department of Streets pledges to try and keep the annoyance to a bare minimum. By the time the evening rolls in, all should be restored to its usual pace. City employees and officials are asking you to muster up that Philly patience and cooperate to keep everyone safe while the necessary work is completed, as mentioned in the city's statement. Keep an eye on the clock and your maps this Saturday, and everything should be just fine.