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Published on June 18, 2024
Seattle's 'Belltown Hellcat' Driver Ordered to Pay $83,000 Fine as Noise Saga ContinuesSource: Google Street View

Miles Hudson, the driver behind the wheel of the 'Belltown Hellcat', a modified 2023 Dodge Charger that has caused a ruckus with its noise in Seattle, has been ordered to pay the city a hefty fine. In a decision made by the court, he now owes Seattle $83,000, as reported by KING 5. The fine comes after Hudson failed to formally respond to the city’s lawsuit within the prescribed period, leading a judge to grant a default judgment against him.

Hudson's notorious vehicle has continued to draw ire from many residents despite the mounting penalties. He was recently seen at the Seattle Police Department's West Precinct where he was set to undergo a court-ordered noise compliance check. However, instead of fully cooperating with the check, Hudson cut it short, leading to more friction with city officials, according to FOX 13 Seattle. Photos of the police inspection, showing officers examining the car and Hudson concealing his face, quickly spread on social media.

In the courtroom, the situation was no less tense as Hudson appeared without legal representation. When asked about his missing attorney, Hudson told FOX 13 Seattle, "I don't know. I am going to have to speak to my lawyer. It’s unfortunate that my lawyer couldn't come today." As for the fine, Hudson expressed uncertainty about his ability to pay, saying, "Let's just say I don't have it."

Beyond the noise violations and hefty fines, Hudson faces more challenges. If he continues to defy city regulations, he could incur additional fines of up to $1,300 per day. The court's patience with Hudson's actions is wearing thin. Moreover, further legal trouble looms overhead as he is also being charged with stalking and harassment – accusations stemming from a previous assault charge involving a confrontation with his mother in 2022, information obtained by FOX 13 Seattle.