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Published on June 19, 2024
Texas Escalates State Emergency Operations to Level II as Tropical Weather Threat LoomsSource: Texas Division of Emergency Management

As Texas braces for the onslaught of inclement tropical weather, Governor Greg Abbott has instructed the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) to ramp up the Texas State Emergency Operations Center to a Level II readiness, which signifies Escalated Response Conditions. This move, enacted ahead of the approaching storm system, is designed to ensure round-the-clock operations and facilitate swift support to communities at risk from the expected severe weather conditions. According to an announcement released yesterday, resources and personnel are being readied to aid Texans in the event of excessive rainfall and flooding.

In light of the urgent warnings provided by the National Weather Service, Governor Abbott has underscored the need for Texans, especially those in South Texas, the Coastal Bend, and Southeast Texas, to remain watchful and prepared. "To ensure assistance and resources are quickly deployed, I directed the Texas Division of Emergency Management to increase the readiness level of the State Emergency Operations Center. Texans in at-risk areas are urged to remain vigilant, monitor weather conditions, and take necessary precautions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe," Abbott shared in a statement.

Following the Governor's directives, a coordinated interagency response has been initiated, with numerous Texas Emergency Management Council agencies called upon to report to the State Emergency Operations Center. These agencies are now poised to deploy as needed and encompass a broad span of expertise and capabilities including transportation, health and human services, environmental quality, and public safety, amongst others. The preparedness of these agencies is a testament to the state's structured contingency planning, which has previously been activated during similar threats.

Moreover, tangible support mechanisms have been activated at the behest of the Governor. Resources such as Texas A&M Forest Service strike teams, Texas National Guard personnel, and crucial assets like CH47 Chinook helicopters are now at the ready. These actions, as explained in the initial announcement, signify a state that is not merely responding to an imminent threat, but rather one that seeks to proactively ready itself to support and defend its communities from the unpredictable wrath of nature.

Texans are being advised to keep vigil, with state authorities prompting the public to access up-to-date forecast information and adhere to the guidance of emergency personnel. The readiness of emergency supplies and the establishment of a robust emergency plan are emphasized as critical measures. Resources such as,,, and offer vital information aiding citizens to prepare and respond effectively to the hazardous conditions ahead.