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Published on June 21, 2024
Washington State DOH Intervenes at Wenatchee's ABHS Facility to Uphold Patient Safety StandardsSource: Google Street View

Wenatchee's American Behavioral Health Services (ABHS) facility, known colloquially as Parkside, has become a focal point for the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) after the department issued a notice of intent to modify the facility's secure withdrawal management and stabilization (SWMS) certification. The modification, designed to span a year, will allow the DOH to enforce up to three unscheduled inspections at the Parkside's SWMS unit to ensure laws are being adhered to. This development follows on the heels of penalizations for another unit under ABHS's purview, which raised red flags surrounding patient safety concerns.

The DOH's intervention underscores their role in promoting not just public health, but also the delivery of health care that is safe and up to quality standards across the state. Healthcare facilities throughout Washington are subject to DOH's rigorous control. They establish licensure requirements, engage in both regular and impromptu site inspections, investigate complaints, and, as in the instance of ABHS, are not shy to take necessary enforcement actions to protect patient's safety.

Efforts by the Department of Health form part of a broader mandate to ensure the well-being of Washington's residents. The monitoring and modification of certifications like those at Parkside serve to reinforce this commitment. Information about such actions, along with other resources related to health in Washington, can be found on the DOH website

For those keen on staying updated on public health issues, the Department of Health encourages subscriptions to their blog, Public Health Connection. This serves as a channel for both crucial updates and guidance on navigating the complexities of health services throughout the state. To reiterate, these actions highlight the DOH's unwavering commitment to ensuring the health care services in Washington remain trustworthy, and safe, for all residents.