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Published on July 10, 2024
Boil Water Advisory Issued for Part of Allegan City Following Water Main BreakSource: Facebook/The City of Allegan

A water main break yesterday has led to a boil water advisory for parts of the City of Allegan, affecting residents and businesses around Bond Street from Herkimer to Fifth Street in response, officials have taken immediate action to mitigate the situation, as reported by WZZM13. The break prompted city authorities to cut the water supply, which could potentially introduce bacterial contamination into the system.

Residents in the impacted area, which encompasses Bond Street between 6th and Marshall Streets, Herk Virtually all activities requiring potable water, including drinking, food preparation, and oral hygiene, must only be done using bottled or boiled water until the situation is resolved, as detailed in a WOODTV report. Additionally, to ensure safety, authority indicates that two consecutive tests, spaced 24 hours apart, must come back negative before lifting the advisory, with expectations to resolve the issue by Thursday.

The urgency of the situation is evident, and the local water utilities crew is working on restorations to normalize the water pressure in the city and to flush out the system a necessary step to ensure the water meets safety standards this is in parallel to rigorous testing to confirm the absence of contaminants in the water supply, according to a post by the City of Allegan sourced by FOX 17.

For those within the affected zone, the City of Allegan has advised bringing the water to a boil for a full minute before allowing it to cool and proceeding with consumption or use and though the advisory is a precaution until tests prove the water's safety, it remains a crucial step in maintaining public health the advisory will remain effective until further communication from the city officials, who are diligently working to ensure a swift return to normalcy for their residents, with updates to be expected by Thursday at the earliest. For additional information or inquiries, residents are encouraged to reach out directly to the City of Allegan Water Utilities Department at 269-686-1117.