Checking In (Again) On The Alembic's Renovation Progress

Checking In (Again) On The Alembic's Renovation ProgressPhoto: Amy Stephenson/Hoodline
Amy Stephenson
Published on October 18, 2014
We last checked in on the long-running Alembic renovation back in May, when we learned that the crew was about halfway done with the project. Clearly, we're overdue for a check-in, so we reached out to owner Dave McLean and manager Greg Quinn to find out where they are in the process of expanding the floorplan and reopening the kitchen. 
McLean told us that the kitchen work was the most involved, and, not unexpectedly, has taken them the longest to complete. However, they're in the final stages, and are currently putting the finishing touches on the project and going through inspections. 

Getting the kitchen back online has been their first priority, and McLean says the team has "now got a much-improved space in which to work" and is "extremely eager to get cooking." 

McLean says they're now looking at the expansion in the front of the space that will house the new seating area. They're playing some Tetris trying to get it done while keeping bar service going, so at this point, they can't give us a date from when the expansion project will be completed. Likewise, Quinn isn't quite ready to give us a sneak peek at the new menu, but he assures us that it looks amazing. 

We'll keep updating you as the Alembic moves slowly but inexorably towards its new and improved state of being, so stay tuned for a completion date and more details to come.