You Wished The Castro Had...

You Wished The Castro Had...
Long vacant Blue at 2337 Market Street (Photo: torbakhopper/flickr)
By Roy - Published on November 15, 2014.
It's been just about a month since we did our highly scientific poll asking what sort of retail or service our readers would like to see in the Castro. We had over 100 commenters throwing in their opinions. 
Here is the breakdown based on our back-of-the-envelope calculations:

  • 33% of people wanted more restaurants including several votes for healthier and vegetarian options and a few votes for fast food restaurants like Chipotle.
  • 21% wanted a bakery including votes for established bakeries like La Boulange or Arizmendi.
  • 11% wanted a low cost grocery alternative including many votes for Trader Joe's.
  • 9% wanted a butcher shop and seafood market.
  • 8% wanted service related shops including a bike shop, a veterinarian, and a couple of votes for a shoe repair shop.
  • 8% wanted more entertainment venues including cabarets, strip clubs, and safe-sex clubs
  • 3% wanted retail shops like an Apple Store or a bath and body shop.
  • 3% wanted more produce shops
  • 2% wanted a police station located in the Castro
  • 2% wanted a community space for the Castro

Here are vote tallies for specific items that got two or more votes:

  • Bakery - 12 votes
  • Healthy food restaurants - 6 votes
  • Trader Joes - 5 votes
  • Butcher shop - 3 votes
  • Seafood market - 3 votes
  • Bath house - 2 votes
  • Chipotle - 3 votes
  • Donut shop - 2 votes
  • Low cost grocer - 2 votes
  • More local restaurants - 2 votes
  • Shoe repair shop - 2 votes

Do any of these suggestions surprise you? Are there any that you think should be added to the list (or removed)?