Beer And Wine Coming Soon To Samovar

Beer And Wine Coming Soon To Samovar
Photo: Premshree Pillai/flickr
By Roy - Published on January 14, 2015.

Samovar Tea Lounge at Sanchez & 18th is wrapping up approvals for a beer and wine license which will allow it to expand its drink menu to include beer, wine, and hybrid cocktails in addition to oolongs and matchas.

As we previously reported, Samovar's Hayes Valley was granted a beer and wine license, though it doesn't seem that the expanded menu was implemented before the location shut down for a redesign. Similarly, Samovar's Yerba Buena Gardens location also has a recently approved beer and wine license, though it seems to be waiting on its Castro sibling to catch up before offering beer and wine to the masses.

We contacted Samovar Castro manager Jesse Jacobs, who is putting together the drink menu, some of which incorporates tea and alcohol. Jacobs told us that the move to serve alcohol came in response to customer demand and that the restaurant/lounge is curating a "small, concise, local-based, delicious alcohol menu."

Jacobs gave us a preview of the drink menu, which includes a schizandra berry mimosa, a lapsang souchang smokey bloody mary, some "very exclusive" sakes, a few local beers, sparkling pear and apple ciders, and local wines.

Jacobs didn't say when the new menu would be fully revealed, but did mention that the updates were coming soon, so stay tuned.