Namu Gaji Chef Dennis Lee To Take Over Kitchen At Magnolia

Namu Gaji Chef Dennis Lee To Take Over Kitchen At Magnolia
Photo: Camden Avery/Hoodline
By Amy Stephenson - Published on August 05, 2015.

The Haight's long-running Magnolia Pub & Brewery is set to see a new menu in the near future. Dennis Lee, the chef of both the Mission's Namu Gaji and Magnolia's Dogpatch location, Smokestack, is taking on kitchen duties for the original Magnolia (a Hoodline advertiser) as well.

Lee's menu at Smokestack is centered around barbecue, but aside from continuing to serve sausages made by Smokestack, Magnolia's menu won't go in that direction. Magnolia owner Dave McLean told us that the menu will evolve a bit, but the feel will remain generally the same. 

"The menu will evolve as it always has, changing with some degree of seasonality and availability of different ingredients but continuing to be rooted in California comfort food that feels right in a neighborhood pub and goes well with our beer," Mclean told us. "BBQ is pretty specialized, and neither fits the Magnolia Pub concept all that well, nor would it be practical in that kitchen with the available equipment and space."

McLean added that he's very excited to have Lee getting more involved with kitchen operations at Magnolia Pub. Lee has been dropping into the kitchen for the past few months, getting a feel for the crowd and what the space can handle.

Magnolia is currently hiring line cooks and a sous chef, and McLean tells us that once they get a new team up to speed, they'll be ready to roll out some of Lee's new additions. We'll keep you apprised of menu changes as they arrive.