Art Deco Parking Garage On Townsend Could Become Boutique Hotel

Art Deco Parking Garage On Townsend Could Become Boutique Hotel
By Geri Koeppel - Published on October 28, 2015.

A unique new 105-room hotel fashioned out of an Art Deco parking garage could be in the works for SoMa, though the potential developer says it's too early to say.

A Preliminary Project Assessment (PPA) was filed with the Planning Department to explore the idea of transforming the single-story garage with mezzanine level at 224 Townsend St.—built in 1935 and boasting an artful facade—into a six-story hotel.

Michael Stanton of Stanton Architecture in SoMa filed the PPA. The firm's other projects include Hotel Zetta (55 Fifth St.) and several SoMa restaurants including The Cavalier (360 Jessie St.), Dirty Habit (12 Fourth St.) and Marlowe (500 Brannan St.). When asked to comment on the new filing, he replied, "The potential project is in very early stages of feasibility analysis, and there is a strong likelihood that it will not proceed."

But on the chance it does, the project will feature an "adaptive re-use" of the building, including its eye-catching facade. The PPA reads in part, "The existing facades of the building will remain ... The new portion of the building will be set back approximately 21 feet from the Townsend Street so that the entire ornate portion of the existing building will continue to read as a distinct entity."

The proposed hotel would be roughly 55 feet high, and would taper back from the adjacent side streets for more sunlight in the public right-of way along Clyde and Ritch, the side streets on either side of the building. Two valet street spaces will serve the hotel, but no other parking will be on-site, according to the PPA.

A publicly accessible rooftop with views of the city and a basement with guest amenities are also part of the plan. The PPA was submitted on Oct. 19th and the 90-day deadline is Jan. 17th, 2016. As its name states, this is a preliminary filing; nothing is set in stone. If it moves forward, though, this could add to a spate of new hotels slated for SoMa and Mid-Market, as we've reported.