What's Up With Haight Street's Vacant Storefronts?

Despite some incoming businesses to the street in the past few months (Haight Street Gelato, Veganburg, Ginza, and DragonEats spring to mind), Haight Street seems to have more shuttered storefronts than ever. We decided to take an inventory to see just how much underutilized retail space the Upper Haight has on the market. 

Here are the storefronts currently vacant on Haight Street, starting at Central and moving west. 

1310 Haight

Way back in August of 2014, the spaces on the northwest corner of Haight & Central went up for grabs. Ritual Coffee Roasters has since set up shop in the corner spot, which used to be Lucky Cleaners. Next door at 1310, however, there has been no action since Love of Ganesha moved down the street in May of 2015

1463 / 1475 Haight

1463 Haight used to be the site of Hyperoptics, but it's been vacant since they moved into 1728 Haight St. in mid 2015. Just next-door is 1475 Haight, which used to be Skunkfunk, until it closed in July of 2015, leaving both spots empty for about a year.

1529 Haight

Tatyana Boutique closed in January of this year. Since closing, the space has been more or less covered in graffiti, with regular citations from the city posted on the windows. No word yet on what might be moving in.

1608 Haight

1608 used to be Kids Only, which closed in February after more than 30 years on the street. The windows have remained papered over, but there's no word yet on prospective tenants.

1614 Haight

Right next door, the former site of Haight Street Shoe Repair is still unoccupied, after closing in December of last year.  Miguel Cerón, assistant to Haight Shoe Repair owner Carlos Lopez, had expressed interest in taking over the shop, despite an increase in the rent, but there's been no progress on that front.

1696 Haight

1696 Haight is the two-window shopfront at the corner of Haight & Cole on the north side, opposite the Goodwill. It's been a full year since the commercial spaces went on the rental market, and still no takers.

1711 Haight

Way back in August of 2014, Haight Ashbury Vintage moved from its corner spot (now Aviator Nation) to the spot that used to be La Rosa, which was owned by the same person. Haight Ashbury Vintage hung on in its new spot for about a year, and then closed its doors, leaving 1711 Haight vacant since last summer.

1748 Haight

1748 is the former home of Pink Lily (and, in its distant past, the I-Beam). It's been on the market since at least last summer, with no retail prospects that we know of. 

Back in February, we asked readers what they thought the Upper Haight needed, and you gave us plenty of ideas, including a florist, a cobbler, and a well-maintained laundromat. With all these empty shops, time will tell whether we'll check off at least a few items from local residents' wish lists.

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