Second Person Arrested In Connection With Cable Car Fare EmbezzlementCable cars in San Francisco. | Photo: deming0131/Flickr
Bay City News
Published on April 27, 2017

One week after police arrested a Muni cable car conductor suspected of pocketing cash fares, police have arrested a second person in connection with the embezzlement investigation.

Wednesday evening, at about 6 p.m., officers arrested 55-year-old San Francisco resident David Reyes on suspicion of embezzlement and theft of public monies after locating him in the 1200 block of Mason Street, police said.

Reyes has been booked into the county jail, according to police.

Reyes is the second person to be arrested after the police department's Muni Task Force began an investigation two months ago when the agency notified them about the alleged theft of cable car fares by employees.

On April 19, officers arrested cable car conductor Albert Williams, 61, of Napa County, on suspicion of felony misappropriation of public money and embezzlement, according to the San Francisco District Attorney's Office.

Police detectives learned that Williams was allegedly pocketing the cash he collected from cable car riders and then using various methods to conceal the true amount of cash collected, allowing him to allegedly keep hundreds of dollars in cash monthly, the district attorney's office said.

On April 20, Williams appeared in San Francisco Superior Court to face the felony misappropriation of public money and embezzlement charges. He
pleaded not guilty.

While Williams is accused of taking only $919, prosecutors indicated that the amount could increase as the investigation continues.

Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Lee said on April 20 that a search of Williams' home found at least $32,000 in cash in a safe and multiple receipts for luxury items.

Additionally, a review of the cash fares Williams has reported over the past five years found similarly low totals compared to other operators on the same route and shifts, Lee said.

The day of Williams' arrest, Ed Reiskin, Muni's director of transportation, said in a statement that the agency "will explore long-term options such as eventually removing cash as an on-board payment option for our cable car system."

Daniel Montes