Cyclist Injured In Bernal Heights Crash [Video]

Cyclist Injured In Bernal Heights Crash [Video]
Cortland Ave. & Bronte St. | Photo: Google
By Todd Lappin - Published on August 10, 2017.

Neighbors who live along the eastern end of Cortland Avenue are puzzling over a security camera video that appears to show a bicyclist sailing through the air after a near-collision with an SUV.

Via Bernalwood

Two security cameras captured the incident, which occurred at 6:29am on the morning of Thursday, August 3 at the southeast corner of Cortland Avenue and Bronte Street.

In the videos, a white SUV traveling west on Cortland turns left onto Bronte, just as an eastbound cyclist crosses the street. After passing in front of the vehicle, the bike pitches forward and sends the cyclist airborne.

The SUV continues driving south and disappears from view.

The cyclist, who has not been identified, was removed from the scene by an ambulance, and no information is available about his condition. Neighbors say the Cadillac left the scene, and the driver has not been identified.

SFPD spokesperson Robert Rueca said the department doesn't have any record of the incident, which means it wasn't reported as a collision. "If they did call, it's possible that they just sent an ambulance," he told Hoodline.

James Scherber/YouTube

According to James Scherber, a neighbor who captured the incident on his home security camera, residents called 911 and rendered assistance to the cyclist, but “police never came to the scene and no police report was entered until I called it in and submitted the video on a thumb drive.”

The SUV is described as a white 2006 Cadillac Escalade that was last seen driving south on Bronte St.