Dolores Park Security Cameras To Cost $250K

After a string of violent crimes in Mission Dolores Park in recent months, the city is spending $250,000 to install security cameras.

Connie Chan, a Rec and Park spokesperson, told Hoodline the department is "working closely with the San Francisco Police Department on the planning and positioning of the camera installation."

The first cameras will be placed in the next few weeks. According to Chan, the cameras will cost roughly $250,000 to install and is financed by the city’s general fund.

Dolores Park Works—a nonprofit park advocacy and service organization—is working with city officials and departments to get the cameras installed as part of its mission to pursue improvements and "permeate stewardship and responsibility among park patrons."

"We've been at this for awhile," Robert Brust, chair of the steering committee for Dolores Park Works, told Hoodline. "The park has had some problems this year, and they've really been getting worse."

"There were some really scary incidents where people were being attacked on the street and in the park," he noted. "Then we had the shooting."

Police investigating the August 3rd Dolores Park shooting. | Photo: Antonia Juhasz/Twitter

On August 3rd, three people suffering from gunshot wounds were found near the park's footbridge.

"So we were ready for cameras," said Brust. Along with other organizations, including Dolores Heights Improvement Club, Dolores Park Works urged the city to improve security, including the installation of cameras. 

The park has also added two full-time rangers since July, and Brust has already seen an improvement. "Both trash and vandalism has been down," he said. 

"The police can't be there all of the time," Brust said. "The cameras along with the two new park rangers posted in the park will help."

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Dolores park security cameras to cost 250k