Excelsior-Outer Mission Crime: Soccer Player Assaulted, Pit Bulls Kill Chihuahua, More

Excelsior-Outer Mission Crime: Soccer Player Assaulted, Pit Bulls Kill Chihuahua, More
By Will Carruthers - Published on December 11, 2017.

Here’s a recap of recent criminal activity in the Excelsior and Outer Mission neighborhoods between November 16th and December 1st. These incidents were reported in the Ingleside Station newsletter and in daily SFPD recaps.

Angry driver cuts man who intervenes in fight

On December 2, a 49-year-old man received non-life-threatening injuries after he tried to intervene in an altercation between a 77-year-old man who was arguing with someone in a parking lot on the 1000 block of Ocean Avenue.

According to police, the suspect was driving erratically, then exited his vehicle and got into an argument. When the victim attempted to de-escalate the matter, the suspect cut him with a knife. The suspect stayed on the scene and was arrested at 7:22pm, while the victim was transported to a hospital for treatment.

Police capture armed robber in Excelsior

On December 1st at 10:14am, two men, one 23 and the other 31, were sitting in a car near the corner of Amazon and Moscow streets when a 30-year-old man approached and drew a gun on the older victim, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

After the suspect demanded his property, the man gave him his backpack. The suspect then told the driver to open the car's trunk and struck the 31-year-old man before walking to the rear of the car with the driver and stealing a second backpack.

Although the suspect fled the scene, officers in the area made an arrest and recovered the victims' property.

Man critically wounded in Sunnydale shooting

A 28-year-old man suffered life-threatening injuries after he was shot on December 1st on the 1600 block of Sunnydale Avenue.

Police from Ingleside Station responded to a Shot Spotter activation at 7:22pm and found the victim lying on the ground. The man was transported to a hospital for treatment, but the suspects reportedly fled southbound on foot from the scene.

Dispute over parking tickets escalates to violence

After allowing his homeless friend to sleep in his car parked on the 4300 block of Mission Street, a man’s vehicle was ticketed several times, eventually accruing $800 in fines.

Police officers intervened on November 30th when a dispute over the fines resulted in violence around 5:06pm. Reportedly, the tenant threatened the car's owner with a knife when he asked for money to pay for the tickets, but the other party said he drew the knife in self-defense after the complainant punched him in the face.

Neither man agreed to sign a citizen's arrest form against the other, and both were released.

Mugger steals woman's backpack, purse

On November 28th at 9:55am, a 60-year-old woman was loading her car with groceries on the 2900 block of Alemany Boulevard when a man between 25 and 30 years old approached her in a car.

After exiting the vehicle, the suspect grabbed her purse and backpack; after a brief struggle, the suspect drove away with the stolen property.

Armed robbers target parked couple

At 5:35am on Thursday, November 23rd, a man approached a couple sitting in a car on the 300 block of Paris Street. The stranger knocked on the window and, when the driver rolled down the window, asked for a match to light a cigarette. 

After the driver gave him a match, the suspect drew a gun and demanded the rest of the driver’s belongings. A second robber asked the passenger for her purse and jewelry. Both passengers handed over their belongings and the robbers escaped in a waiting Mazda sedan.

Man stabs teenager in park

A man stabbed a 16-year-old soccer player in the arm with scissors as the player was retrieving an out-of-bounds ball at Crocker Amazon Park on November 21st at 2:18pm.

The victim’s friends called police and a witness followed the suspect as he walked away from the field. When five officers arrived, the witness identified the suspect near the intersection of Moscow and Amazon streets. The suspect was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. The victim was transported to San Francisco General Hospital and treated for his injuries.

Pit Bulls maim Chihuahua, injure woman

Two dogs assaulted a 52-year-old woman and fatally mauled her Chihuahua, Joey, in an attack on the 600 block of Brunswick Street around 4:30pm on  November 20th.

Described as Pit Bulls, the dogs were unleashed when they ran down the block and assaulted the smaller dog as the woman and bystanders tried to separate the animals. The woman, who was knocked over and dragged down the street while trying to protect Joey, was treated by medics at the scene.

Joey was pronounced dead from a bite to his neck at a nearby animal hospital. On December 2nd, SFPD announced that the pit bulls were in the custody of Animal Control, but the owner is still unknown.

Man arrested for carrying unlicensed gun

A customer at a grocery store on the 4500 block of Mission Street alerted a clerk that a man in front of the store had a gun around 12:08am on Wednesday, November 18th.

Multiple units from Ingleside Police Station responded and found a group of men walking away from the store. One man who matched the suspect’s description was found to be carrying a loaded Glock semi-automatic firearm.

The suspect, who was not licensed to own the weapon, said he had bought the gun at a farmers market. He was arrested and booked at Ingleside Police Station.

Here’s why we usually don’t include suspect descriptions in crime reports.

This post was published in partnership with the Ingleside-Excelsior Light. 

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