Cats Escape 'Cat Town' Nonprofit After Intruder Smashes Windows [Video]

Early this morning, a burglar smashed two storefront windows at Cat Town—a nonprofit that works to save shelter cats and reduce euthanasia—leading two feline residents to escape.

According to the East Bay Times, the suspect threw a rock through the front window at 1:22am and attempted to enter the café next-door. Finding the space inaccessible, the suspect fled and no items were reported stolen. 

A security camera captured the intruder. | Video: YouTube/Hoodline

A statement released by Cat Town said police responded to the Pill Hill storefront at Broadway and 29th Streets "within ten minutes" after a passerby called 911.

Of the 21 cats now living on the premises, only one is still considered missing, said Cathy Niland of Cat Town via email. Another resident is believed to still be at the location but may be sheltering. 

“Cats are excellent at hiding, but we are confident we will find him soon,” said Cat Town’s Executive Director Ann Dunn. 

Meanwhile, a second cat who escaped through the broken window was discovered trapped in a "muddy hole" at a nearby construction site. A worker brought the cat back later this morning. 

The intruder was captured by a security camera.

According to Niland, the cat is "comfortably recovering" under the supervision of the center's staff. 

The facility, which opened in 2014, is in the process of replacing the broken glass, and its adoption center will remain closed until the repairs are completed. RAWR coffee bar next door will continue to remain in operation, said Niland. 

Cat Town is also seeking donations to help with repairs and fortify the adoption center so that if a similar event occurs in the future, cats will not be able to escape.

Part of the upgrades will include installing tempered, shatter-proof glass to replace the plate glass currently in place. Financial donations can be via the organization's website

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