Artful Legacy, Celebrating Homeira Goldstein's Impact on Manhattan Beach Art Center

Artful Legacy, Celebrating Homeira Goldstein's Impact on Manhattan Beach Art CenterSource: City of Manhattan Beach
Juliette Kessler
Published on November 17, 2023

The Manhattan Beach Art Center (MBAC) is hosting an exhibition, "Legacy: Honoring Homeira Goldstein's History with the Manhattan Beach Art Center", to acknowledge the work of art promoter, Homeira Goldstein. According to an email announcement, the exhibit will run from October 27 through December 31, showcasing Goldstein's significant contributions to both the art world and MBAC.

Since 2001, the Manhattan Beach Art Center has become a hub for art, thanks to Goldstein's influence. As a dedicated curator, she facilitated over 30 exhibitions at the center, asserting that "art is life and life is art".

"Legacy" will present a fascinating collection of works from both renowned and upcoming artists that Goldstein exhibited at MBAC. This spans works by Cosimo Cavallari, Roxy Paine, Lynn Aldrich, Simon Ouwerkerk, Lita Albuquerque, Matt Wedel, Deborah Oropallo, Peter Shelton, Nellie King Solomon, and Ed Moses, among others. Additionally, some artworks from Goldstein's private collection, not previously displayed to the public, will be on view.

The "Legacy" exhibition serves as a tribute to Goldstein's admirable journey and underscores the mighty influence of art in transforming and uplifting communities. Because of her steadfast commitment, the Manhattan Beach Art Center has transformed into a thriving hub for artistic experimentation and community engagement.

As per the email announcement, the "Legacy" exhibition will occur at the Manhattan Beach Art Center, 1560 Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. The event is open to the public and provides a rare opportunity to appreciate Homeira Goldstein's invaluable contributions to the art scene and the City of Manhattan Beach.

For additional information about the exhibition and the history of the Manhattan Beach Art Center, readers can visit Exhibitions | City of Manhattan Beach or reach out to Eric Brinkman at 310-802-5404 or [email protected]. In addition to exhibitions, the center also hosts various workshops and events aimed at enriching the cultural fabric of Manhattan Beach and surrounding areas.