Austin Police Serve Up Solidarity at Annual HEB Feast of Sharing

Austin Police Serve Up Solidarity at Annual HEB Feast of SharingSource: Austin Police Department
Matt Mitchell
Published on November 22, 2023

In the heart of Austin, a banquet of generosity and community spirit unfolded as the annual HEB Feast of Sharing brought together folks from all walks of life to commemorate the true spirit of Thanksgiving. This grand event, known for its heartwarming embrace of unity and gratitude, played host to throngs of Austinites eager to give and receive a slice of joy during the holiday season.

Not merely content to stand by as idle spectators, the Austin Police Department donned their aprons as a symbol of solidarity with their city. "The Annual @HEB Feast of Sharing is a wonderful opportunity to unite with our community and celebrate the essence of Thanksgiving," a statement released on the Austin Police Department's Twitter proudly proclaimed. The APD's commitment to "gather as a unified family and embrace the genuine significance of appreciation and empathy" truly serves to vividly paint a picture of law enforcement keen to wholeheartedly participate in the communal festivities.

With the golden turkey as the centerpiece and the spirit of togetherness suffusing the air, the Feast of Sharing event underscored a poignant truth often overshadowed by the hustle of everyday life—that community is everything, and there’s nothing quite like breaking bread to remind us of our interconnectedness. The APD's involvement is not just a one-off yearly cameo; the Austin Police Department Twitter account articulated, "The APD family is delighted to participate and contribute to this event each year!"