Berkeley's Beloved Sweet Dreams Candy and Toys Set for Heartbreaking Closure

Berkeley's Beloved Sweet Dreams Candy and Toys Set for Heartbreaking ClosureSource: Google Street View
Eileen Vargas
Published on November 08, 2023

Sweet Dreams Candy and Toys, a beloved candy store in Berkeley since 1971, is set for closure on January 15, 2024. This local institution, opened by the late Gary Gendel, will certainly be missed by the community. Lucia Gendel, Gary's wife, made the difficult decision to close as reported by Berkeleyside.

After Gary's passing on August 11, Lucia initially intended to continue store operations, even consolidating the toy inventory with the candy selection. However, Lucia found it difficult to manage the store without her husband, labeling the closure "heartbreaking," as conveyed by Eater.

During its prime, Sweet Dreams Candy and Toys expanded its whimsical wonder to Orinda, Concord, and Palo Alto. The termination of these branches, along with the founding Berkeley location, symbolizes the end of a recognized regional icon. Many community members have bonded over their shared affection for the store, a sentiment eloquently captured by Berkeleyside.

Lucia Gendel wishes to provide an opportunity for patrons to bid farewell to what was more than just a store. Its enduring popularity over the decades bears witness to the bond between the Gendel family, their store, and the community they served.