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Published on May 19, 2024
San Pablo Police Chase Features DUI Suspects' Swap at the Wheel and Spike Strip Escape AttemptSource: San Pablo Police Department

In a bizarre turn of events, San Pablo Police apprehended two women after a dangerous chase that featured drunk driving, a switcheroo at the wheel, and a failed escape over spike strips, the department said. The mayhem unfolded late at night when officers spotted a car speeding past them and running a stop sign at an alarming 60 MPH before it narrowly avoided colliding with another vehicle. The driver initially refused to pull over, leading the patrol on a short pursuit, the police recounted on their Facebook page.

Within minutes, the officers spotted the same vehicle again as it darted into a drive-thru. This time, the police were one step ahead, setting up spike strips to thwart the escape. Much to the officers' astonishment, the two women inside the car, who were both intoxicated, had switched places in the driver's seat, refusing to exit and defiantly rolling up their windows.

After driving over the spike strips, which deflated two tires, the duo embarked on yet another, much slower, flight from the law. They were eventually stopped and apprehended, the women having switched seats yet again in a theatrical display of futility. Throughout the spectacle, the inebriated pair managed to spill their alcoholic beverages and illegal substances all over the interior of the car, further evidencing their reckless state.

San Pablo law enforcement utilized K-9 Trace, a member of their furry department ranks, to help safely detain the driver during the arrests. Both women were facing charges including DUI, Evading, and Resisting Arrest. It came to light that one of them had a suspended driver's license from a previous DUI and was also wanted on an arrest warrant for the same offense, as the police detailed on their official Facebook page.

In a concluding statement, the police used the incident as a stark reminder of the dangers and the illegality of driving under the influence, urging the public to find safe and sober alternatives to getting home. According to the San Pablo Police Department, the misjudged actions of the two women not only put their own lives at risk but endangered the community as well.