Thanksgiving Crunch in Houston, Stores and Eateries Open for Easy Last-Minute Feast Solutions

Thanksgiving Crunch in Houston, Stores and Eateries Open for Easy Last-Minute Feast SolutionsSource: Unsplash/ krakenimages
Alyssa Ford
Published on November 24, 2023

As the aroma of turkey and stuffing wafts through the air and families across Houston gather to give thanks, not everyone will be poised to pass the cranberry sauce. For those hitting the pantry in panic or seeking a feast without the fuss, there are still a smattering of shopping locales and dining spots swinging their doors wide open on Thanksgiving Day.

For the typical last-minute dash to gobble up extra groceries or snag forgotten essentials, Houstonians won't be left in the cold. According to FOX 26 Houston, H-E-B is serving up convenience with a side of brevity, opening bright and early at 6 a.m. but closing the cupboard at noon. Meanwhile, essentials from Tylenol to toilet paper can be scooped up at CVS, where non-24-hour shops will be closing early. Just when plastic Thanksgiving tablecloths make the perfect complement for a stress-free cleanup, area Big Lots welcome shoppers amidst the national chains taking a holiday hiatus.

While the corporate giants like Walmart, Target, and Costco have given their employees some well-earned respite—the fourth consecutive year for Target, which has put a permanent cork on Turkey Day hours since 2021—other retailers like Walgreens and Kroger grocery stores keep the lights on for holiday stragglers, albeit with pared-down hours. This sentiment was echoed by KHOU 11 which underscores a national trend for such closures amid shifting attitudes towards holiday work shifts.

But when the oven bakes with mishaps or dinner prep turns into a miss, savvy Houstonians can steer clear of the kitchen kerfuffles and slide into a booth at a local eatery. Eateries like Mastro's Steakhouse and Casa Do Brasil promise a Thanksgiving spread without the need to scrub a single pot. Amidst other storefronts that day, according to FOX 26 Houston, there stands an impressive list of 111 restaurants offering sanctuary from the holiday hustle.

For those intent on feathering their nests with Yuletide decor or gunning for doorbuster deals, they'll have to hold their horses until Black Friday. From Home Depot's fortress of firs to Macy’s mecca of cheer, the rollout of holiday sales awaits as the majority of major retailers will have closed their gates on Thanksgiving, rising with the roosters the following morning to usher in the shopping season. And while your mail slot may gather cobwebs for a spell with USPS observing the federal holiday, government offices and the NYSE hang up the 'closed' sign, providing a momentary quietus to the clatter of commerce and governance.