John Wayne Airport unveils an art exhibit titled "No Touching," offering a creative perspective on barriers driven by the pandemic.

 John Wayne Airport unveils an art exhibit titled "No Touching," offering a creative perspective on barriers driven by the pandemic.Source: Google Street View
Juliette Kessler
Published on November 18, 2023

John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, has debuted an art exhibit aptly titled "No Touching." The exhibit, curated by airport Art Coordinator, Heather Bowling, cleverly uses restrictions resulting from pandemic precautions as a creative asset. On view in the Terminal C Vi Smith Gallery from November 10 to March 10, 2024, the display focuses on the barrier between viewer and artwork as reported by the airport's official website.

A diverse group of artists is on display in the "No Touching" exhibition. Among these are Debbie Carlson, Alex Gano, Karen Gibson Roc, Margaret Griffith, Barbara Holmes, Flora Kao, Laura Koffman, Olga Lah, Stevie Love, Stephanie Sherwood, Amanda Yamashita, and Threadwinners. With a profusion of fiber arts, soft sculpture, mixed media, and installation art, significant use of the gallery's glass cases as a barrier is made. The installations enhance this boundary, capturing viewers with a variety of intriguing textures and materials.

These artists, through their respective works, explore the 'no touching' concept prompted by the pandemic. By giving as much attention to the space surrounding the artwork as to the pieces themselves, the viewer can appreciate the many facets of each work without any physical interaction. It can invite a deeper consideration of the ideas and intentions underlying each piece, free from the distraction of touch.

The John Wayne Airport provides an opportunity to view the exhibit for those without a boarding pass. Via their OC AirPASS program, visitors gain post-security access to the secure side of the airport. More information about the application for obtaining an OC AirPASS can be found on the airport's website.

Examining the dynamic between viewer, artwork, and the space in between, the "No Touching" exhibit provides an insightful perspective on the shifting landscape of art presentation. At a time when physical connection is limited, the exhibition signifies the persistence of innovation and discovery in the art sphere, demonstrating that even limitations can spawn inspiration.

For more details about the exhibit or for those interested in experiencing it firsthand, additional information about the "No Touching" exhibition, and the contact information for Curator Heather Bowling can be found on the John Wayne Airport website.