San Bernardino Scandal: Cop Caught On Cam Going Full Force, PD Promises Probe

San Bernardino Scandal: Cop Caught On Cam Going Full Force, PD Promises ProbeSource: Google Street View
Gabriela Martinez
Published on November 29, 2023

In San Bernardino, echoes of police brutality ripple through the community as a video surfaces, capturing one of the city's officers using excessive force during an arrest. The incident, which spiraled out from a dangerous high-speed pursuit, ensued after a suspect commandeered a stolen vehicle, leading the police on a perilous chase on public streets. According to a press release dated 11/7/23 by the City of San Bernardino, the suspect was eventually apprehended after crashing into a telephone pole — but not before being punched and kneed by a responding officer.

The public’s outcry has magnified, with concerns for justice and an urgent plea for accountability. Detailing the pursuit, the city's statement described how attempts at a routine traffic stop quickly escalated when the unidentified driver sped away, blatantly disregarding the safety of children and pedestrians. “Upon activating the lights, the vehicle fled at dangerous speeds and disregarded the safety of any children, pedestrians, or drivers around,” the statement reads. Officials were quick to initiate an investigation into the officer’s conduct, scrutinizing both his decision-making and compliance with department policies.

Police Chief Goodman did not shy away from addressing the unsettling scene. "Our agency strives for a Standard of Excellence and this situation appears to fall short," he declared. Taking a stance that balances firmness with fairness, Goodman promised, "We will take the necessary steps to correct any officers' actions that are inconsistent with protecting our community, providing quality service, and fostering trust." His commitment to transparency was palpable as he vowed to make amends should errors be uncovered in his ranks.

The officer at the helm of the controversy have since been reassigned, though whether this is a preamble to accountability or a mere procedural formality is yet to be seen. "The officer involved has been placed on a modified assignment while the investigation is ongoing," confirmed the City of San Bernardino's release