L.A. Woman Held on $3M Bail for Deadly Home Shooting After Being Found Parked in Cuffs

L.A. Woman Held on $3M Bail for Deadly Home Shooting After Being Found Parked in CuffsSource: Google Street View
Gabriela Martinez
Published on November 28, 2023

Deadly shootings occurred in Los Angeles as the LAPD took into custody a woman suspected of gunning down a 33-year-old man in his own home. The tragic event unfolded yesterday evening when patrol officers, responding to a distress call, found the victim in the 900 block of Alandele Avenue. According to an authoritative post from the LAPD PIO on X, the man, whose identity awaits next-of-kin notification, was swiftly transported to a hospital, where he fatally succumbed to his injuries.



The suspect, Jameelah Elena Michl, a local resident and 36-year-old, was subsequently apprehended, allegedly remaining at the crime scene. Michl, now detained on $3,000,000 bail, carries the booking number 6717633 and faces dire consequences under Penal Code 187(A) PC. As investigators dig deeper, they urge anyone with more information to step forward, striving to piece together the moments that led to a life being cut tragically short.

Concerned citizens, seeking justice or perhaps to unburden knowledge only they possess, are encouraged to contact the West Bureau Homicide Investigators. The LAPD's outreach extends beyond office hours, making it possible to anonymously share details that could be the key to turning this maelstrom of violence into a semblance of closure for a grieving family. Tipsters may use traditional avenues or turn to technology and download the "P-3 Tips" mobile application to discretely provide their accounts and help snatch a small measure of peace from the clutches of urban chaos.