Irvine Police Hunt for Suspected Lego and Liquor Looters After $3,700 Heist From Target and Albertsons

Irvine Police Hunt for Suspected Lego and Liquor Looters After $3,700 Heist From Target and AlbertsonsSource: Facebook/Irvine Police Department
Gabriela Martinez
Published on December 09, 2023

Irvine Police Department took to social media to put a spotlight on a duo that swiped a hefty $1,700 worth of Legos and alcohol from a local Target, not being content they hit an Albertsons too, making off with an additional $2,000 in alcoholic beverages, the department posted on its #FELONYFRIDAY alert.

The alleged perpetrators' action has spurred the police to ask the community for aid in snagging the culprits who were last seen fleeing the scene in a grey 2007 Toyota Camry, according to details that were provided by a watchful witness, though the police's pleas were tinged with humor, suggesting the thieves were possibly planning a so-called "block party," they stated on Facebook. "Stealing in Irvine is not 'awesome,'" the police quipped in their post, adding a playful yet stern tone to the round-up call, yet they reiterate the intent to put some "Kragle" in the crooks' path—a playful reference to the adhesive plot device from "The Lego Movie."

The department's direct plea to the community emphasizes the growing reliance on public engagement in stopping crime. With the post providing a contact email, Good Cop at [email protected], inviting information that could lead to an arrest, "if you can help identify them, please email," they prompted anyone with knowledge to step forward. As holiday shopping hits its peak and retail theft traditionally sees a rise, such initiatives prove fundamental in the safeguarding of local businesses and keeping the spirit of the season unmarred by opportunistic crime sprees.