McDonald's Unveils Cosmic CosMc's Cafe in Bolingbrook with Eye on San Antonio Star Expansion

McDonald's Unveils Cosmic CosMc's Cafe in Bolingbrook with Eye on San Antonio Star ExpansionSource: McDonalds Official Website
Drew Archer
Published on December 07, 2023

McDonald's is stepping out of its comfort zone with CosMc's, a new beverage-focused spinoff that launched in Bolingbrook, Illinois, this week. CosMc's is inspired by an alien character from the McDonald's universe known as CosMc, who hasn't been on a scene since the '80s. Now making a comeback, the intergalactic theme of the store is set to be a fresh twist on the fast-food experience, complete with colorful drinks like the Churro Frappé and Popping Pear Slush. San Antonio is on the shortlist for future CosMc's locations, joining other potential spots in the Texas area, as reported by San Antonio Express News.

These aren't your usual McDonald's beverage offerings; CosMc's will allow customers to personalize their drinks with add-ons like boba, energy shots, and Vitamin C. As reported by Forbes, the first pilot site is near the company's Chicago headquarters and plans to help consumers tackle the infamous "3pm slump." It marks the beginning of an aggressive push by McDonald's into a drinks market dominated by giants like Starbucks and Dunkin'.

Although details were initially under wraps, McDonald's is clearly aiming to harness nostalgia and capture a more diverse clientele with its throwback mascot. Alongside a vibrant drink menu, the store will serve McDonald's favorites and new savory snacks. The company has hinted at significant growth, with the aim of opening 10,000 new stores worldwide by 2027.

There's big money on the table. The customizable drinks and coffee market is pegged at around $100 billion, according to McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski. "It’s a space that we believe we have the right to win," he told Forbes. Nosing into territory where other established brands have long dominated, McDonald's is banking on this new concept to be more than just a fleeting space oddity. CosMc's will be under scrutiny for at least a year as the company evaluates the performance of the novelty locations before committing to a broader expansion.