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Published on February 29, 2024
Ford EV Owners Gain Access to Tesla's Vast Charging Network in the U.S. and Canada with New AdapterSource: Z22, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In a move that bridges the gap between rival car makers, Ford's electric vehicle (EV) clientele is now privy to Tesla's extensive network of charging stations across the U.S. and Canada, albeit with a prerequisite adapter. The free-of-charge accessory won't ship until late March, with reservations open on the Ford website through June 30th. As KVUE reports, this development comes under an agreement forged in May 2023, positioning Ford as the first automaker to cozy up to the Austin-based Tesla charging empire.

Tesla, known for its prolific charging infrastructure, operates over 26,000 plugs and close to 2,400 Supercharger stations. Through this collaboration, Ford EV drivers gain access to approximately 15,000 Tesla fast-charging points conveniently located along major travel routes. This will effectively double the network for Ford's electric fleets. However, owners should note that not all Tesla plugs, especially the older variants, will cater to their vehicles. As per ABC News, other manufacturers are following Ford's suit, transitioning to the North American Charging Standard, which Tesla advocates for its compact and user-friendly design.

With nearly 166,000 Ford EVs on U.S. roads, this venture aims to address the charging concerns that Ken Williams, director of charging and energy services at Ford, acknowledges. "We wanted to make sure we are meeting that need," he explained, emphasizing that even though the majority of EV charging occurs at home, on-the-go accessibility remains paramount for customers. Adaptation and expansion seem to be the keystones of Ford's strategy moving forward, planning to adopt Tesla's charging connector for its second-generation EVs starting in 2025.

The activation of Tesla's network, coupled with the release of the requisite software for Ford vehicles to use the stations, happened on Wednesday morning. This integration advances the sustainably-fueled mobility sector, ensuring that Ford drivers stay powered up without obstacles. Payment for the charging service articulated within Ford's mobile app and public charging applications on vehicle touch screens will be rendered directly to Tesla. Thus forth, the road for Ford EV owners broadens with Tesla's sprawling charging network now within reach, a complementary bridge across two of the automotive industry's most electric avenues.