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Published on February 12, 2024
K9 Goose Joins Hennepin County's Fight Against Jail Narcotics as First Drug Detection Dog in Sheriff's Office HistorySource: Hennepin Sheriff

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office has introduced a new partner in the fight against prison narcotics. The latest recruit, K9 Goose, is not your typical deputy. With four legs and a keen sense of smell, this 13-month-old Labrador Retriever is making history as the first K9 assigned exclusively to the Adult Detention Center.

After announcing the news on social media, the Sheriff’s Office is poised to begin Goose's training as a narcotics detection dog. Assigned to their jail staff, Goose is expected to sniff out drugs and keep the facilities safer. While not a typical tool in the correctional officer's arsenal, K9 units have long been employed by police forces for their extraordinary capabilities. Unfortunately, their senses are so acute that, sometimes under challenging conditions, even humans may have trouble keeping up.

In a statement provided on social media, the Sheriff's Office expressed optimism about the program's potential impact. "Meet K9 Goose!" they proclaimed, welcoming the energetic Labrador to the team. As the first of its kind in the office’s storied 172-year history, K9 Goose’s introduction signals a new epoch in the county’s correctional strategy.

While the official duties of K9 Goose will primarily revolve around narcotics detection, the hope is that his presence will also be a morale booster. It’s a well-documented phenomenon that the presence of dogs can reduce stress and, spread joy, trained professionals or not, throughout the ranks of law enforcement and the inmates alike. The office’s staff looks forward to seeing Goose in action, tail wagging as he sets about his important work.

The employment of a narcotics detection dog like Goose underscores a broader commitment to comprehensive security within the Hennepin County jail system. It is reflective of a nationwide trend, where correctional facilities are increasingly looking towards specialized K9 units to assist with maintaining order and safety. In a recent tweet, the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office invites the public to watch this space: K9 Goose has only just begun his watch.