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Published on February 11, 2024
Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Tackles DUI: Super Bowl LVIII Fans Urged to Stay Safe Behind the WheelSource: Unsplash/Anushka Srivastav

As football fanatics gear up for Super Bowl LVIII, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is playing defense against drunk driving. The department has issued a stern warning: if you plan to throw back a few while watching the big game, better ensure you're not the one behind the wheel afterwards. In a social media blitz, they've made their message crystal clear with a directive for party-goers to appoint a sober driver, hail a taxi, or click a ride-sharing app to make a safe voyage home.

The urgency can't be overstated, with the Department showing they're not playing games when it comes to the potential dangers of DUI, the Sheriff's Department doesn’t want your Super Bowl celebrations to end in tragedy, or with a set of handcuffs so make the smart play. They've laid out the stats and consequences—injuries, deaths, and legal repercussions—and it's a no-brainer for those who want to avoid turning a day of revelry into their worst night. "Don't Drink & Drive!" they crowed on their official Facebook page, right along with the slew of hashtags, among them #DrunkDriving and #DontDrinkandDrive, to drill the point home.

Remember, the end of the game doesn't mean the end of responsibilities—it's a reminder that your actions can carry penalties far beyond a lost wager on a fumbled football. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s campaign serves as both a preventative and a reminder, think of it as the most crucial play of the night. Whether you’re rooting for the underdog or the favorite, taking the option to drive sober, or employ an alternative ride, may just be the most important call you make on game day.

So, as the teams prep for kickoff and fans stock their coolers, be sure that the game plan includes a winning strategy for getting home safe. Nothing puts a damper on the festivities like the flashing lights of a squad car, or worse, an ambulance. The Sheriff’s Department's advice boils down to a simple play call: Victory is sweet, but responsible celebration is sweeter. So call a friend, grab a lift, whatever it takes, but keep the roads as clear as your judgment should be – there's no excuse for drunk driving, especially not on Super Bowl Sunday.