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Published on February 07, 2024
Riverside County Sheriff's Office Warns Super Bowl Fans, Drive Sober or Get Pulled OverSource: Instagram/lvsuperbowlhc

As Super Bowl LVIII revs up to be a day of intense gridiron battles, the Riverside County Sheriff's Office is rolling out its game plan. A word to the wise for fans planning to indulge in game day libations: the Sheriff's Office will be beefing up patrols to catch any impaired drivers unlucky enough to cross their paths. The message is clear—have your fun, but keep it off the roads unless you're sober.

"Let's make sure Super Bowl Sunday is remembered for great plays on the field, not for unnecessary risks on the road," Deputy Grisso advised in a statement on the Riverside County Sheriff, possibly after drinking said risks themselves. Deputies are urging fans to plan with a sober driver if they intend to drink. Given the high stakes of this community safety initiative, anyone dropping the ball by driving under the influence can expect a penalty flag in the form of legal consequences.

While many eyes will be on the superstar athletes playing on February 11, the Sheriff's Office will be focusing on a different type of performance—how well the public navigates the roads post-celebration. And they're not just throwing a flag on alcohol; other substances like marijuana and prescription medications are also enough to earn you a spot on the bench, or in this case, potentially behind bars, as per the Riverside County Sheriff.