San Antonio Officer Suspended 76 Days for Misconduct, Including On-Duty Naps

San Antonio Officer Suspended 76 Days for Misconduct, Including On-Duty NapsSource: X/San Antonio PD
Susan O'Brien
Published on February 12, 2024

A San Antonio police officer has been handed down a 76-day suspension after allegations arose of misconduct, including taking naps on duty and engaging in sexual relations with a woman he met during a domestic violence call. The suspension of Officer Javier Galvan, initially set as indefinite in November, was later negotiated down to the specific term without pay under a last-chance agreement, as reported by the Express-News.

According to disciplinary records obtained by the same publication, an intern who rode along with Galvan on February 18, 2023, claimed the officer parked the car for a nap, requesting that the intern stay silent. Furthermore, body camera footage has shed light on a missed call due to the officer being asleep and revealed a separate incident in June, where Galvan was discovered presumably sleeping in a dark parking lot.

The intern conveyed to investigators that Galvan had a proclivity for ending ride-alongs early, seeking personal time to "relax" at the close of shifts. The intern's statement further divulged Galvan's directive not to "be a snitch," a sentiment caught by body camera evidence. The same intern also recounted Galvan's admission about a former complainant from a domestic violence case, with whom he claimed to have had multiple sexual encounters while on duty.

Galvan's questionable actions extend beyond these accusations, as he is on the record for failing to activate his body camera at least 60 times during different calls. Moreover, in an episode that reflects poorly on his professionalism, Galvan, while responding to a harassment call, insulted a suspect with a vulgar term over the phone in the presence of both the intern and the victim's mother, the Express-News documented in their coverage.

The suspension, which began on January 23, is set to conclude on April 7. Moving forward, Galvan is mandated to undergo any training and counseling deemed necessary by Police Chief William McManus.