San Mateo Man Charged with Second-Degree Robbery After Two-Day Bank Heist Spree

San Mateo Man Charged with Second-Degree Robbery After Two-Day Bank Heist SpreeSource: Google Street View
Leticia Ruiz
Published on February 09, 2024

Yesterday, a man suspected of brazenly attempting a bank heist and then successfully robbing another the next day was apprehended by the San Mateo Police Department. The suspect, a 55-year-old local named Stephan Kevorkian, was booked on charges connected to both crimes.

According to reports provided by the San Mateo Police Department, the initial botched robbery took place on February 6, when Kevorkian allegedly entered a bank on the 300 block of South El Camino Real and handed a note demanding money to a teller. He fled without securing any cash after a brief interaction. The subsequent day, Kevorkian purportedly hit another bank on the 400 block of South El Camino Real, and this time, his efforts were unfortunately successful.

The department's Criminal Investigation Bureau dug into the evidence left behind, which led to identifying Kevorkian as the prime suspect for both the attempted and completed robberies. Underlining the essential role of community collaboration in crime-solving, the department has urged locals to actively report crimes and serve as effective witnesses—providing detailed descriptions and cooperating with the authorities can significantly bolster their investigative efforts.

Now facing the consequences of his alleged criminal campaign, Kevorkian has been slapped with second-degree robbery, his case number listed as 212.5(c) PC, alongside an attempted second-degree robbery charge denoted as 664/212.5(c) PC, he has been placed in San Mateo County Jail pending further proceedings. The police have commended the attentiveness and support of the community in swiftly bringing a suspect to book.