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Published on February 16, 2024
Man Allegedly Hijacks Truck with $1 Million Worth of New Corvettes for Ride Home in ArizonaSource: Cochise County Sheriff's Office - Mark J. Dannels Sheriff

In a brazen act of theft, 23-year-old Isaiah Walker was arrested on Thursday after allegedly stealing a truck hauling 10 new Chevrolet C8 Corvettes, valued at more than $1 million, just to get a ride home. This peculiar grand theft auto went down at the Willcox Loves Truck Stop in southern Arizona, where Walker reportedly accosted the truck driver before forcibly taking control of the vehicle.

According to the Cochise County Sheriff's Office, Walker embodied audacity, attacking the driver as he entered the cab, throwing him out, and skedaddling with the automotive treasure. This triggered a pursuit by local authorities who worked to reel in the runaway suspect without collateral damage. The chase ended near Fort Grant Road and Browns Market, where Walker's joyride concluded on County Line Road, as reported by

Walker was apprehended and allegedly admitted to investigators that the grand theft was driven by his need for a ride home, sidelining the worth of the luxury vehicles in his path. Willcox Police Chief Dale Hadfield commended the officers involved, stating, "The deputy and officer showed great restraint and patience in bringing a serious crime to a peaceful resolution, all while keeping the property of others from being damaged," in a statement obtained by Road and Track.

The once-jailed individual is now facing multiple felony charges: including robbery, 11 counts of theft of means of transportation, and felony theft according to police accounts. "I am extremely proud of the officer and deputy involved in this investigation," Hadfield further praised the law enforcement response, the stolen vehicle was safely recovered without damage and was released to the driver so he could continue his delivery."

Despite the unintended detour caused by this criminal escapade, there is a silver lining for car enthusiasts. The future owners of these Corvettes can rest easy knowing that their precious cargo was unharmed and will arrive with only a slight delay.