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Published on March 01, 2024
Acclaimed Biddeford Restaurant Elda Relocates to Portland, Promising New Chef's Tasting ExperienceSource: Instagram/Elda

Biddeford's culinary landscape owes a big thank you to Elda, the restaurant that's been serving up a storm since 2017 and now, it's gearing up to take on Portland. The upscale dining spot, which not only garnered critical acclaim but also sparked a food revolution in its hometown, is packing up its knives and moving to 34 Portland Street, where it's set to unfold a new chapter in Maine’s food narrative.

The brains behind this venture, Bowman and Anna Brown have decided to shake things up with their latest real estate snag. As reported by Portland Food Map, this isn't just a change of address, it's a reimagining of Elda's distinct flavor. They're ditching the traditional spread for a concise chef's tasting menu, putting a spotlight on indigenous ingredients. Patrons can expect a cozy integrated kitchen/dining setup with two sipping options to accompany their plates, choose from a reserved wine selection, or dip into the world of cider and sake, Portland Food Map details.

It's a true culinary homecoming for chef Bowman Brown, who's racked up quite the resume over the years such as snagging the 2011 Food & Wine Best New Chef title and landing multiple nominations at the Beard Awards. With Elda, he has managed to turn heads at Eater and the New York Times, earning a reputation that far stretches beyond the cozy confines of Maine. Now, as The Press Herald states, this move signifies a promise of an up-close and personal journey into Maine's lush offerings.

With Candy's closing its doors back in 2020, the building at 34 Portland Street has been looking for its next act. And the Browns, with their commitment to creating mouthwatering memories, seem to have the recipe for success. They're working against the clock to ensure the restaurant's summertime debut goes off without a hitch. Brown's culinary craftsmanship, which he sharpened in Biddeford and plans to bring to Portland, speaks for itself. His past endeavors tell the tale of a chef who's never shied away from pushing boundaries, and with this move, there's an unmistakable buzz about what's to come.

Elda's transition is not just about moving locations; it's the end of an era for Biddeford, and the beginning of a new gourmet saga in Portland. The anticipation is tangible; foodies are waiting with bated breath to take their seat at Elda’s new table, to sip, to savor, and to see what Chef Brown will conjure up in his latest culinary playground.