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Published on March 30, 2024
Caltrans Announces Night Work on I-880 Repaving in Milpitas to Fremont, Expected Completion in 2026Source: Google Street View

Caltrans has announced a major repaving project that will take place from Dixon Landing Road in Milpitas up to Alvarado Boulevard in Fremont, with a 12-mile stretch in each direction getting a serious facelift to fix up those pesky potholes and crumbling concrete - and it's all for a smoother and safer driving experience, starting this April, according to Caltrans.

Drivers should brace themselves for overnight disruptions as Caltrans gears to work under the moonlight. The closures are intended to lessen the inconvenience to daily commuters who know all too well the frustrations of snarled traffic on one of the busiest thoroughfares in the Bay. Work is set to begin on the northbound lanes the week of April 1. While tackling both directions, crews aren't just stopping at the main drags. Offramps and onramps are scheduled for a revamp, too.

Preparation is key, and Caltrans has made clear that plenty of signs will give a heads-up on the upcoming closures, so if you're used to cruising down I-880 late at night, you might want to look out for those warnings or plan an alternate path, they've got the California Highway Patrol ready to roll on-site for added security and oversight of the construction zones.

The project has a finish line set for 2026, and while that might seem like a distant future, the payoff should be a highway that's less of a headache and more of a smooth sail. Caltrans hopes the public will appreciate their efforts, they've already extended thanks for the patience that'll be required as they dig in to lay down the new roads that carry countless Californians daily.