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Published on March 01, 2024
Philadelphia's Dizengoff Unveils Warm Turkish 'Hot Butter' Hummus by Chef Michael SolomonovSource: Google Street View

Philly foodies, take note: Dizengoff, the brainchild of James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Solomonov, is dishing out something that'll make your mouth water. The newly expanded hummus hotspot on Sansom Street has added a new star to its lineup – a Turkish 'hot butter' hummus that's as warm, creamy, and addictive as it sounds. "Turkish hummus is just an abbreviated way of saying a hot butter hummus," Solomonov explained in a 6abc interview. This dish has origins from Solomonov's learning under fellow chef Ana Sortun in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was a hit at Zahav's opening menu, but now, it's making a come-back exclusively at Dizengoff.

The secret to this luxuriously smooth spread lies in the humble chickpea. Solomonov, known for not skimping on traditional techniques, soaks dried chickpeas overnight to "get them really soft and creamy." Though, if you're strapped for time, canned chickpeas can still do the trick. It's all about achieving that buttery and luxurious texture, which Solomonov seems to have perfected, according to a feature in BNN. But that's not the only trick up his sleeve; his newly expanded restaurant's menu remains centered around hummus varieties and freshly baked pita that promise to boldly satisfy your taste buds.

Dizengoff, post-expansion, is more than just a space to quickly grab a classic hummus and pita. It's quickly becoming a Philly mainstay for a casual yet robust dining experience. Solomonov and partner Steve Cook have ensured that the menu at Dizengoff stays focused on hardy flavors that pack a punch. As for drinks, they've got you covered with imaginative cocktails like the Clueless Soundtrack and the zero proof Za'atar Girlfriend, according to The Inquirer. They've even tailored a wine list that features natural selections from the Eastern Mediterranean.

It's evident Dizengoff's growth means more than just a few extra tables. It signifies Solomonov's venture blossoming into a beloved Philadelphia fixture, where foodies gather to not just eat but to experience. With the introduction of such dishes as the Turkish hummus, Dizengoff is setting the bar high in the culinary scene. Each spoonful of hummus isn't just a taste sensation – it's an invitation to explore Solomonov's vision of Israeli cuisine, as attested by BNN. And if you're eager to dig in, reservations are already filling fast, but there's always room for several lucky walk-ins each night.